As a specialist obstetrician, Dr. Koranteng-Peprah is here to ensure that both mom and child are safely taken through all phases of pregnancy and childbirth. This includes the focus and care of your pregnancy, your unborn baby, labour and delivery, and the immediate period following childbirth.

Antenatal Care

Supporting and helping you during your pregnancy

Ultrasound Assessment

Evaluation of pregnancy and fetal health with the use of ultrasound

Vaginal Delivery

Supporting you through all stages of natural childbirth

Caesarean Section

Specialist support and delivery of your baby using surgery

Post-Partum Care

Post-delivery checkups to ensure you’re recovering well from labor and childbirth 

Your questions on obstetrics, answered.

I’m here to answer your questions and hopefully make your visits to an obstetrician simple and comfortable.

When should I see an obstetrician?

It is good to see a doctor if you suspect that you are pregnant. This usually happens when you have missed your period or are having unusual periods and/or your pregnancy test is positive.

It is best to see a doctor before 16 weeks of pregnancy – from there you will have 2 – 6 weekly visits until you give birth.  The frequency of the visits depends on how far pregnant you are, if you have any medical conditions and the outcome of your previous pregnancies.

What happens at my first obstetrician appointment?

The first appointment is often the longest and most detailed because you meet your doctor, and a full history and examination are done. The main focus is on your medical and surgical history and your past pregnancy and delivery history. A clinical examination is done, blood pressure, weight, body mass index and urine is checked.

Finally, the pregnancy is confirmed using an ultrasound scan. With the scan, we can determine how far pregnant you are, the number of babies you have, a heartbeat (from 6 weeks), and if the pregnancy is in the right place inside the womb. At the end of your visit, the obstetrician will determine any risk factors or concerns in the pregnancy and put measures in place to detect them early or prevent them from happening entirely.

What are obstetric conditions?

These are conditions that arise as a complication just because you are pregnant. Most times, once you have given birth, the condition will disappear or improve. Some examples of this include pre-eclampsia (complicated blood pressure in pregnancy), peripartum cardiomyopathy ( weakness of the heart muscles caused by pregnancy) or pregnancy-induced diabetes.

What does it cost to see an obstetrician?

Prices vary depending on your location and the doctor. Some practices will charge medical aid rates and others charge cash upfront. The cost of a consultation and scan can range from R600-R3000.