Below are the precautionary measures we take to ensure everybody’s continued safety during the Covid 19 pandemic and the years to come 

  • All staff and patients should wear masks covering the nose and mouth at all time.
  •  It is compulsory to sanitise hands with 70% alcohol sanitiser solution provided at the entrance of the practice and in the procedure room.
  • All patients coming for appointments are interviewed for COVID-19 symptoms, and their temperature is checked at the hospital entrance. If all is normal, they will be granted access into the hospital and into the practice.

To ensure social distancing, the following measures have been taken

  • Only 2 patients are allowed inside the practice at one time.
  • Appointments are adequately spaced to minimise patients interacting with each other.
  • Chairs in the waiting room have been appropriately spaced out
  • High touch items such as magazines etc. have been removed from the waiting room
  • The entire practice including bathrooms and workspaces are regularly being sanitised with the appropriate solution
  • The doctor is extremely cautious about overall hygiene and wearing proper attire to ensure patients safety